Monday, January 21, 2013

Once in a BLUE Moon

  Blue is not my favorite color. 
I am not "true blue-blooded" as well.
I don't really know why, but the color gets me every time.
Every. Single. Time.

This photo was taken years ago. Haha.
And I am wearing the 'free hugs' shirt from Kuya Jessie!! :D

It was supposed to be PURPLE. The label said it is PURPLE.
But it turned out to be BLUE.
I trusted you, label. And you tricked me. :(
( I liked the outcome tho. Haha)

BLUE sleeveless top, BLUE cardigan, BLUE jeans, AND BLUE - oh wait - PURPLE BAG.
RUINED IT ALL. *facepalm*

Purple does not want to be left behind. Haha.
Well, as you can see, purple is my favorite color.
It always finds its way to fit my everyday outfit.

Me wearing nothing purple only happens

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I really dream to travel around the globe someday..
But to do that now would be difficult since I don't have the CHA-CHINGS to spend. Haha.
For now, "internationally-inspired" photos would do.


I found this dress in my favorite ukay store.
I only tried it on because I wanted to take a picture of it
and show it to Trecia and Isha since I know they would love this.
In the end, I actually bought it. It's so soft eh! Haha. :))

This beret was given to me by my mom.
She went on a trip. TO EUROPE. How cool is that?

Another photo with the beret.
This time, I was trying to give emphasis on the PARIS design. Haha! :)))

Someday. I will travel the world
and my own eyes will witness its beauty.
Someday. I won't just wait for the pasalubong or go to the ukay
to find an internationally-inspired piece of clothing.
Someday. Definitely. I will go there myself.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I am proud to present my girlfrieeends! And we are THE WRONG DIRECTION!
'Cause we've got that one thing, and it's cornyness. Haha! :))

To start the year, we had a sleepover at my house and spent the night in ORANGE.

Since I was the host of the sleepover, MY wardrobe was the one that got into this mess. :))

These are my favorite shots. Of course, big thanks to my papa's camera, the photos' quality was superb. Haha! :))

This was the first successful-looking photo that I took. (Sorry, not a pro. Hehe)
This is Isha.

The girl in the mirror

Don't open the door.

These are the other gals of Wrong D: (from left to right: Sasha, Trecia, Siobe)
The famous "supposed-to-be-candid-but-scripted shot" =))

And finally, I was replaced as photographer and put as the model. Isha now takes charge of the camera.

The "happy-free-confused-and-lonely-in-the-best-way shot"

I am happily trapped inside. (saywhut?! haha)

The true candid. I love how the silhouette is focused, especially the earrings.
I really loved the earrings that night. Haha!

The night truly was fantastic! Hoping for another sleepover full of laughs, loves, foods, backstabbings (oops!) HAHA!
As I was saying... Hoping for another sleepover with the girls! :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I would like this photo to be the first photo in my blog. This is the first time I had a picture of myself during my struggle to gain even just a pint of some fashion sense. Good thing we found a nice place where we could take some pictures.

Here is another photo taken at the same date and place as the first one. Just so you know, both pictures are candid shots. Haha. :)