Sunday, January 20, 2013


I really dream to travel around the globe someday..
But to do that now would be difficult since I don't have the CHA-CHINGS to spend. Haha.
For now, "internationally-inspired" photos would do.


I found this dress in my favorite ukay store.
I only tried it on because I wanted to take a picture of it
and show it to Trecia and Isha since I know they would love this.
In the end, I actually bought it. It's so soft eh! Haha. :))

This beret was given to me by my mom.
She went on a trip. TO EUROPE. How cool is that?

Another photo with the beret.
This time, I was trying to give emphasis on the PARIS design. Haha! :)))

Someday. I will travel the world
and my own eyes will witness its beauty.
Someday. I won't just wait for the pasalubong or go to the ukay
to find an internationally-inspired piece of clothing.
Someday. Definitely. I will go there myself.

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