Saturday, January 19, 2013


I am proud to present my girlfrieeends! And we are THE WRONG DIRECTION!
'Cause we've got that one thing, and it's cornyness. Haha! :))

To start the year, we had a sleepover at my house and spent the night in ORANGE.

Since I was the host of the sleepover, MY wardrobe was the one that got into this mess. :))

These are my favorite shots. Of course, big thanks to my papa's camera, the photos' quality was superb. Haha! :))

This was the first successful-looking photo that I took. (Sorry, not a pro. Hehe)
This is Isha.

The girl in the mirror

Don't open the door.

These are the other gals of Wrong D: (from left to right: Sasha, Trecia, Siobe)
The famous "supposed-to-be-candid-but-scripted shot" =))

And finally, I was replaced as photographer and put as the model. Isha now takes charge of the camera.

The "happy-free-confused-and-lonely-in-the-best-way shot"

I am happily trapped inside. (saywhut?! haha)

The true candid. I love how the silhouette is focused, especially the earrings.
I really loved the earrings that night. Haha!

The night truly was fantastic! Hoping for another sleepover full of laughs, loves, foods, backstabbings (oops!) HAHA!
As I was saying... Hoping for another sleepover with the girls! :)

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